Monday, June 14, 2021



    I received Kon-nyaku (scientific name:Amorphophallus konjac,commonly known as devils tongue in Eng.) from Ms.Y as a souvenir from Kohyasan in Wakayama prefecture. Ms.Y said that I should try to make Kon-nyaku-zushi which is a Buddhist cuisine. Since she gave the recipe to me,
I tried to make kon-nyaku-zushi. Inari-zushi is a fried bean curd stuffed with vinegared rice and I am serving it at my cafe but I make special vinegared rice mixed with minced lotus root, carrot and sesame seed. This time I made half regular inari-zushi and half kon-nyaku-zushi which was wrapped rice with simmered kon-nyaku instead of bean curd. It is very good! The texture of kon-nyaku and vinegared rice matched well. I am glad that I got a new recipe for kon-nyaku.