Friday, June 18, 2021



    The owner of the house next door changed and it is in the middle of remodelling as a Japanese style restaurant now. Spacious backyard became a very flat area and I am curious how it will be used. Only one thing I feel very sorry about is that there were a couple of trees between my next door neighbor and my land and all of these trees were cut and none of them are left. One of the trees which I feel extremely sorry for was a pomegranate. Every year in this season it has vermilion flowers in the fresh green and I enjoy looking at them very much. I was so disappointed about the cutting and talked about it to the cafe's customer. The other day, she brought the branches of a pomegranate which is in her yard. When I received the branches, I found many thorns. I was enjoying the flowers from my back yard but never touched it.
When I visited my neighbour to collect some money, beautiful pink flowers were in the vase, I said "Wow! what pretty flowers they are!" The lady said " They were from the backyard. You can bring some." and she handed cesauses to me. I am so lucky to appreciate those beautiful fresh flowers in my cafe.The pink one is a kind of hydrangea but it has very different flowers from those I usually see as a regular hydrangea. I also enjoyed the fragrance of lilies in the next Japanese room. It is the rainy season in Japan now, but I am fascinated by those beautiful flowers.