Monday, June 21, 2021





    After it had rained all day long, we had a morning where the earth and roofs looked so heavy, absorbing yesterday's rain. When I visited Taga taisha after seven a.m., I didn't see anyone in the shrine's area, so I worshipped with no rush and went into the woods. I guess people from the shrine cleaned both the shrine and woods early in the morning, so everywhere was so clean. 

    I finished the second vaccine for coronavirus. People said that after the second one is over, many people have fever, so I was expecting that I might be one of them. As a result, I had the same muscle pain on my left arm as I did at the first vaccine, but I didn't suffer any other side reaction and I am thankful for that.

    The sky when I looked up during the walk was so interesting. I could see the sun in the east sky and scattered unmoving clouds were under it, then black rainy clouds below the scattered clouds were moving fast from east to south. According to the weather info. today is fine, so these black clouds need to give space to the fine clouds quickly. To me they looked like they were saying " Stage change! Hurry up, hurry!". It was a funny phenomenon.