Thursday, June 24, 2021




    In the morning, Mr. A from Hikone brought branches so big that they were covering his body. He said, "here are Hibiscus syriacus for you. I brought these this year, too." They are a special species of Hibiscus called Ryohtanji Mukuge which are colored pure white and have open flowers which are very flat compared to the other one's trumpet shape. Indeed I received these branches last year and wrote about them on my bolg (2020.7.3 blog). According to him. the timing of opening is earlier than last year. I just worried if the original tree was ok by cutting these big branches. I could see many buds on the branches.

    Last Sunday, I received many kinds of hydrangea from Ms.T living in a nearby town. I feel very good surrounded by those various kinds of flowers. In the afternoon, I also received plums from Mr. W. They were small but they were sooo sweet! I have never eaten such sweet plums. My house is full of many items that I have received. I am thankful for people's warm and kind gifts.