Tuesday, June 8, 2021




    It was a cleaning day of the stream which runs beside Taga Taisha. Seven people including me from my neighborhood, putting long shoes on and carrying rakes, went down to the stream on the right of the main gate of the shrine to clean the downstream. Around the area of the arched stone bridge, the water was clean with no mud because people from the shrine were cleaning everyday. It is a privilege for us who are living in the neighborhood of the shrine to go under the bridges in order to clean the stream. When I lowered my head and went through the stream which has shallow water, I was excited.

    After the work was over, I rushed to my home and continued my work, which is preparation for making IZANAMI Lunch. The menus were the following: vinegared seaweed and cucumber, tomato salad, chichen and orange dressed with sauce, spinach and bacon with sauce, burdock roots and carrot cooked in soy sauce and sugar, stewed hamburger, carrot and potato glacé and clear Japanese soup. We very much appreciated both customers who had lunch at the cafe and those who requested take away for home.