Tuesday, March 3, 2020

国際派クラウンのロネ&ジージから届いた楽しいひな祭り。ジージが描きました。すっとぼけのロネ様とおゲラ笑いのジージ姫様、今日ばかりはご機嫌です。ひな壇から落っこちないかと心配です。因みにクラウン・ジージから「飲み過ぎにはご注意を」とのメッセージがありました。I received a picture greeting from the international clown duo, Rone & Gigi for Hina-Matsuri ( The Doll Festival). Gigi drew this. Wow! She has such talent!! Rone as a Humorous Emperor and Gigi as a guffawing Empress, are sitting tightly together side by side on a platform. Both seem to be very happy because today is a special day for girls. I wonder if they would fall from the platform which is at the top level. Clown Gigi attached a message with the picture "Be careful not to drink too much!".