Friday, March 6, 2020

お天気になりましたが風が強くて寒く感じる1日でした。毎週金曜日の朝は近所に野菜直売所ができて地元の新鮮な野菜が手に入り助かっています。先週がお休みだったので今日は待ちのぞんで楽しみに覗いてみました。二股人参がありました。普通は店頭に出ることはないこうした変形人参も味に違いがあるわけもなく、まして葉っぱがついて安目の値段でありがたい限りです。二股人参が2本も!見ていて想像することは皆同じだと思います。あんまり楽しいのでちょっと遊んでみました。ダイコン足ならずニンジン足のカップルです。It cleared up but it was very windy and made us feel cold today. We have a vegetable stand every Friday morning in my neighborhood from which I am always looking forward to getting fresh local vegetables at a reasonable price. Since last week was not open, I was really excited for the stand. There were interesting carrots with forked roots. Usually you don't see these kinds of roots at the regular supermarket because they are rejected as defective products even though they have no problem with the taste compared to others. I appreciate those carrots because of not only the price but also their leaves. Today, I got TWO forked root carrots! Probably everybody imagines them in the same way. Since they looked so funny, I just played with them by attaching extra things. Here, you see a very nice carrots legs couple!