Thursday, March 19, 2020

先週は3ヶ月に一度ほど回ってくる町内のお地蔵様のお世話と夜回りの当番でした。多賀大社南側を流れる車戸川沿にある地蔵堂に御仏飯をお供えに行ってみるとちょうど前の石塀の修理中でした。塀の石が崩れ落ちたり傾いたりしていたのを多賀大社がきれいにしているようです。長く続く石塀ですから修理が全部終わるまでは日にちがかかりそうです。石塀がきれいになるのはもちろんいいのですが、一つ残念なのは毎年5月頃この石塀沿いに見られていた山吹が今年は(今後も?)見られないことです。初夏の石塀と山吹と車戸川、あの美しい景色がどうかまた復活することを心から願っています。Last week, I was in charge of taking care of Jizo (the guardian deity of children) and night watch in the neighborhood which comes around roughly every 3 months. When I went to the tiny temple where Jizo is placed for offering rice, I saw a repair site for a stone fence along Kurumado river which runs along the southern side of Taga Taisha (shrine). Tiny Jizo temple is just across the river. I think that it must take many days to finish repairing. Of course it is great for the broken stone fence to be repaired, however I regret that I cannot look at the beautiful Japanese globeflower along the river this year (hope not continuously) because of the repair. I appreciate being able to watch the beautiful yellow Japanese globeflower every early summer. The combination of stone fence, yellow flowers and quiet calm river is so beautiful. I really wish that beautiful scene will come back.