Thursday, March 26, 2020

東京では新型肺炎の感染者が増えているという事態で関東には緊迫感が漂っています。滋賀は感染者も少し出たようですがとりあえずは変わらない日常生活でありがたい限りです。さて今日は先日Nさんから教えていただいたMICAOさんの作品展「刺繍とアップリケ」を見に愛荘町の愛知川図書館に行ってきました。MICAOさんは神戸在住の刺繍作家でイラストレーターの平佐美香さんです。Nさんに教えていただくまではまったく知らなかったのですが、まあ何と創造力豊かで美しく楽しい作品を次々に発表なさっていることでしょう。素材も既成の布、手染めの布、ボタン、小枝、皮などなど、パッチワークやアップリケもミシン縫いあれば手縫いもあり、実に自由に作られています。色彩もデザインも素晴らしく近く寄って見ると細部にまで刺繍やアップリケが施されていて、「うかたま」という料理本の表紙やイソップ寓話集の話をモチーフに作られた作品は楽しすぎて笑ってしまいます。すべてに目を奪われましたが特に私は太陽の表現に惹かれました。2019年ボローニャ国際絵本原画展で入選なさったのはこのイソップ寓話集です。素晴らしい作品展でした。Because of the recent news about increasing numbers of people infected with coronavirus in Tokyo, a tense atmosphere must be spreading in Tokyo and surrounding areas. Although there are only a few infected people in Shiga, we are able to continue normal life, fortunately. Today, I went to Aisho-cho, near my town to visit an exhibition,”Embroidery and Applique" by MICAO who is an illustrator and embroidery artist living in Kobe. Actually I didn't know about her at all until Ms. N told me but I was very much impressed by her wonderful art works. she uses ready-made cloth, hand-dyed cloth, buttons, small branches, leather, etc. as materials. She also does both machine-sewing and hand-sewing for her patchwork or applique. Everything was done so freely and creatively. The colors and design were wonderful. When I looked closely, I found tiny applique and detailed embroidery which made me amazed. You will see her work on the cover of the monthly cook book named UKATAMA and many children's books such as Aesop stories. They are all beautiful and funny. I was especially fascinated by the suns which are so creative and beautiful. The Aesop book in which she created works which illustrate the story, was awarded the 2019 Bologna International Picture Book Original Painting Exhibition. It was a really amazing exhibition.