Sunday, March 8, 2020

2、3日前にN.Nさんから大きなキャベツを2個もいただいたので、今日はロールキャベツを作ってみました。いつもは外側の数枚を使ってせいぜい4つぐらいのロールキャベツしか作りませんが、今回は思い切って丸々1個使ってみました。大きな鍋にお湯を沸かして中をくり抜いたキャベツを茹でたのは初めてです。綺麗にキャベツが剥がれて、玉ねぎとニンジンのみじん切りのバター炒めとひき肉とよく混ぜ合わせて味付けしたものを二枚重ねのキャベツにきゅっと巻いて1時間20分ほど鶏ガラスープで煮て出来上がり。結構な数のロールキャベツになりました。すぐに食べる分以外は少しずつ分けて冷凍室へ。お皿は以前ご近所のK.Oさんから頂いたもの、ブロッコリーはお昼過ぎにはっさくと一緒に彦根のN.Kさんが持ってきてくださったもの。皆さんのご厚意に感謝しながらおいしく晩御飯をいただきました!Ms. N.N kindly gave me two big cabbages a couple days ago, so today I made cabbage roll (ground meat rolled in cabbage leaves). When I make it, I usually use several sheets of cabbage leaves from outside and make about four rolls of cabbage rolls, but this time I decided to use whole cabbage which I hollowed out the core and boiled in a big pot. It was the first time for me to boil a whole cabbage and I found out that it was good for taking out each leaf easily. I sauteed an onion and carrot with butter and mixed with ground beef and pork. After seasoning, i placed some ot the meat mix on the double cabbage leaves, then rolled it tightly. I put all rolls in a pan and boiled them with chicken soup for about one and a half hours. Since I made too many rolls, I divided them into several containers and put them in the freezer. The plate is from Ms. K.O and the broccores are from Ms. N.K. I appreciate their friendship and ate the cabbage roll which was well done!