Monday, March 16, 2020

多賀町長と町議会議員選挙の投票日でした。5日間選挙戦を戦われた立候補の方々と関係者の皆様のお疲れと結果を待つ緊張感は如何ばかりかと思います。ところで彦根のKさんから琵琶湖で漁れた稚魚のハスと小エビの佃煮をいただきました。Kさんは釣りが何よりもお好きで毎年初夏には小鮎の飴煮をお持ちくださいます。鮎はご自身で釣り上げたものですが、今回のハスと小エビは漁師さんに分けてもらわれたとのこと。どちらも煮付けはKさんです。料理屋さん顔負けの腕前で頂戴できるこちらとしてはただただ有難いです。さて、ハスを調べたところ漢字は魚偏に「時」と書くことが分かりました。ハスはコイ科に属する淡水魚の一種でほかのコイと違うところは魚食性の魚であること。顔が特徴的で口がヘの字形に曲がっています。確かに鮎と比べるとムッと不機嫌そうに頑張ってる顔が何だかユーモラスです。たくさん頂いたので鮭粕汁の脇に付けてお出ししたり、お客様にお裾分けでお持ち帰りいただいたりしました。ご自身では試食程度であまり召し上がらないとおっしゃっていたKさん。お心遣いを皆さんにお分けできたのは何よりでした。季節の湖魚を美味しくいただけるなんて贅沢ですね。It was election day of the mayor and town council in Taga town. I guess the candidates for these positions and their supporters must be so tired after the five-day election campaign and very nervous about the result at this moment. By the way, I received preserved fish (opsariichthys uncirostris) and small shrimp boiled down in soy sauce from Mr. K in Hikone. Fishes and shrimps were caught in Lake Biwa. Mr. K likes fishing and he has brought me boiled sweetfish every year in the early summer but this time he said that he got fish and shrimps from a fisherman. He, however, cooked them himself with the ability of a professional cook. Opsariichthys uncirostris is belongs to the carp family but is a fish-eating fish which is different from other carps and the shape of the mouth turns down at the ends which makes me laugh because it looks as if he is angry with a grumpy face. Since Mr. K gave me a lot, I served them with miso-soup as a side dish or put them in small containers for guests to take home. Because of Mr. K, we are able to appreciate these seasonal lake fish. Thank you so much, Mr. K.