Sunday, December 30, 2018


今朝は表通りのしめ縄張りが町内総出で行なわれました。所々に立てられた笹がついた青竹の間に縄が張られ、その縄の間に御幣(ごへい)と呼ばれる白い紙と藁(わら)を交互に挟んでいくのですが、縄を上手にひねって隙間を作るのが結構難しく、苦戦している私を見かねた町内のおじさんが親切に助けて下さいました。亥(いのしし)の烙印を押した絵馬飾りも戌(いぬ)年のものと取り替えて、一気にお正月を迎える気分になりました。This morning, Shinto straw festoons were put along the side of the main street by all of the neighbors. First, green bamboo with bamboo grass were put up at both sides of the house and a rope was tied in between. Then Gohei (white paper) and straws were inserted alternately. This part was difficult for me maybe because of lack of experience, and I was helped by one of the members. After I changed Ema-kazari (votive horse tablet) above the entrance from the old one to the new one, that is to say from Dog year to Boar, I felt like I was ready to welcome a new year.