Friday, December 7, 2018


多賀町の支援ボランティアとして小学校での「読み聞かせ」活動に初めて 参加しました。卒業して半世紀以上にもなる母校、多賀小学校の門に入った のは午前8時15分すぎ。1年い組の子供達は運動服に着替えて、先生の指導 で机を教室の後ろにやって前方の床に立て膝で座って私を待っていてくれました。25分から約10分間の読み聞かせの始まりです。私が選んだのは「ないたあかおに」(浜田広介作、黒崎義介絵)。「友情」がテーマの 名作ですが、表紙のオニの絵を見て「妖怪ウォッチ!」と声を上げた男の子。 一生懸命読みましたが、果たして子供達に届いたでしょうか。係の方によると月に2度ほど廻ってくるとか。やりがいのある仕事をいただいたと喜んでいます。I participated in "Storytelling" at the Elementary School as a volunteer activity in my hometown Taga. It has been more than a half century since I graduated from Taga Elementary School. At 8:15 a.m. I entered the gate of the school and when I came up to the door of the first grade classroom, children were waiting for me sitting on the floor holding their knees to their chests after pushing their desks and chairs in behind of the classroom to make space to sit. About 10 min. from 8:25 to 8:35 was my reading time. I chose "Naita Aka-oni (The red ogre who cried)" by Kosuke Hamad, drawing by Gisuke Kurosaki). The theme of the picture book is friendship. When I showed the cover of the book, one of the kid said "Monster Watch!" which is probably a name of a game. I read the book with my best effort and hoped the theme reached the children. According to the person in charge, I will read about twice a month in a classroom for various grades. I appreciate having this opportunity because it is enjoyable and fulfilling.