Thursday, December 13, 2018


気温は摂氏7度ほど。風は冷たくも天気は良く散歩には 気持ちのいい朝でした。神社の拝殿は神官や巫女さん達が並んで 祝詞(のりと)を奏上していらしたのが珍しい光景でした。 森の中はつばきが美しく咲いて、先を進むと乾田が広がり、 いつも通りかかる畑には色々な種類の冬野菜がきれいに並んで 収穫を待っていました。田んぼも畑も農家の方の作物を大切に育てる 気持ちが伝わってきます。The temperature of this morning was 7℃ (44.6°F). It was a clear sky and nice for walking even though the wind was a bit chilly. At Taga shrine, I saw Shinto priests and Shrine maidens sitting in the worship area and reciting Norito (Shinto prayer) together. Camellias were beautifully blooming in the woods. Ahead of the pathway, there were dry paddy fields. In a vegetable field which I usually pass by, I could see many kinds of winter vegetables planted which were ready for picking. I understand how farmers grow their products with great affection and care.