Wednesday, October 10, 2018


一昨日、彦根ゴーストツアーのグループ19名様がうちでお昼ご飯を 召し上がってくださいました。去年に続き二度目の来店です。」 このツアーは一般の観光とは趣向が違います。 「空(くう)の旅人舎」が企画したもので「目に見えないモノを見ることが できるかもしれない旅をしませんか?現世(うつしよ)と幽世(かくりょ)の狭間、湖東、湖北の伝承をおいかけ文化遺産を巡るTourに出かけませんか?」と 紹介がある通り、湖東の9カ所を訪ねて、それぞれの地で同行の学者や専門家の話また講談師による講談を聞いたりと、地域に住む者さえ知らないその歴史や いわれが分かる密度の濃い旅行です。今回多賀への立ち寄りは多賀大社が江戸時代以前は「多賀社」と呼ばれ、森の名は「神明の森」別名を「遊行の森」と呼ばれたそうで、その所以を知るためです。ちらしに天狗の絵が描かれているところからも、今回のツアーは各地の天狗にまつわる話しを知るもので大いに興味をそそられます。同じ多賀来訪でも去年と今年ではテーマが異なるため遠くから毎年常連の方が参加なさっていて、私も一年ぶりにお顔をお見かけする方が何人もいらっしゃいました。腕を振ったランチの写真を 撮るつもりが、慌ただしくグループをお迎えした為、その時間がなく残念ですが、お客様はほぼ全員がお代わりそして完食でとても喜んでくださったのが何とも嬉しく励みになりました。The day before yesterday, a group called "The Ghost Tour" consisting of 19 people came and had lunch at my cafe. This was the second time following last year's tour. This tour is a little bit different from typical sightseeing tours. It was planned by "Kuu no tabibito-sha" and the idea behind it is to see things which usually are not visible. They invite participants by saying "Won't you come with us to see the border between the present world and the afterlife, and visit the cultural heritage of the northern and eastern parts of Shiga Prefecture?" Indeed they visited nine places and listened to accompanying scholars or experts and enjoyed a talk by a professional storyteller. This time the theme was "Tengu (a long-nosed goblin)" as you see on the flier, and participants came to Taga to learn about Tengu which was believed to be in the shrine's woods. The theme changes every year, so there are many regular participants who enjoy the tour. I wanted to take a photo of the dishes which I prepared for their lunch, but unfortunately I couldn't because I didn't have time to do it before their arrival. I was so happy to have them. They enjoyed second helpings of rice and finished up all dishes. Yeah!!