Sunday, October 21, 2018


秋晴れの一日。多賀の町は「ふるさと楽市」で賑わいました。 今年で13回目だそうですが、私は去年から二度目の参加です。 主に多賀に住む人が物品、飲食、野菜などの販売や展示などをします。 多賀大社前駅から多賀大社までの絵馬通りに50以上 のテントや出店が並びました。午前10時開始でしたが、それよりも前に 多くの人が集まり人でごった返すほどの盛況ぶり。我が「多賀あさひや」 もカフェの営業のほかに餅粉ケーキを店頭で販売し、行き交う人に買って いただきました。年に一度のこのイベント。かなりの盛り上がりを見せました。It was a clear fine autumn day. There was a "Furusato rakuichi (lit. Hometown Market)" event in Taga and the main street was crowded with people. This is the 13th year it has been held but this was the second time for me to participate. Mainly people in Taga area were selling or exhibiting their goods, food or vegetables by themselves. There were more than 50 tents or stands along the street from the station to Taga taisha (shrine). Officially it should have started at 10 am, but many people gathered much earlier than that and everywhere was crowded with so many people. We were selling "Mochiko cake" at the door beside the cafe. It was so lively and successful in this annual local event.