Sunday, October 28, 2018

滋賀県には「じゅんじゅん」という鍋料理があることを、私はごく最近まで 知りませんでした。「じゅんじゅん」は「すき焼き」と同じと考え てよいと思います。主役は牛肉、かしわ(鶏肉)、うなぎ、琵琶湖産のいさざ、鴨など。私の家では「じゅんじゅん」とは言わず「すき焼き」と言っていましたが、鍋奉行は父で、「わりした」と呼ばれる「だし」は使わず、肉を焼いて砂糖、酒、醤油だけで味付けをしていました。昨日は「かしわのじゅんじゅん」を仲間でいただきました。かしわの他に、ネギ、玉ネギ、丁字麩、焼き豆腐、キノコ(3種)、赤こんにゃくを入れました。思いのほかあっさりとした味で、新米の炊きたてご飯もとても美味しかったです。In Shiga there is a hot pot cooking called "Jyun-jyun" and I didn't know this name until recently. I think that "Jyun-jyun" is almost the same as "Sukiyaki". The main of the hot pot changes such as Omi beef, chicken, eel, Isaza (small fish hatched in Lake Biwa) or duck. My family was not saying "Jyun-jyun" but "Sukiyaki" instead. My father was the person in charge of the hot-pot and he didn't use Warishita (sukiyaki stock) but only used sugar, sake and soy sauce. Yesterday, I ate Chicken Jyun-jyun with my friends. In the pot, we put chicken, green onions, onion, Fu (bread-like pieces of wheat gluten), grilled tofu, three kinds of mushroom, and Konnyaku (jelly made from Konnyaku yam routs). It was so good and the taste was lighter than I expected and we also enjoyed new crop steamed rice.