Sunday, November 4, 2018


文化の日の昨日、カフェを休業して京都祇園のシルバーウイングスというライブハウスにRone & Gigiのクラウン(道化師)のショーを観に行きました。 この二人、何とクラウン歴28年目とか。アメリカのクラウンカレッジ卒業後、 コンビを結成。モスクワの芸術座やイギリスで著名な師についてクラウンの演劇的表現やパントマイムを学び、世界のクラウンコンテストで最優秀賞、優勝など多くの賞を獲得し各国のアーティストたちに衝撃と影響を与え続けています。 前列の一番端に目立たぬようにそっと座ったつもりでしたが、ステージが始まると、アハハ、オホホと結構な声を上げて笑ってしまいました。ちょっとすかしてその演技や表情を見るとどのシーンも到底付け焼き場でできるものではなく、長年の地道な訓練とセンスの良い笑いの積み重ねであることが分かります。 このRoneさん、実はむかーしちょっと私と接点があったのです。30年の歳月の間に彼女はここまで実力をつけて私の前に現れてくれました。嬉しいと同時に立派だと尊敬します。Yesterday was a national holiday called Culture Day. We closed the cafe temporarily and I went to a club named Silver Wings in Kyoto where a professional clown show was held. It's a Japanese clown duo "Rone & Gigi" and this is the 28th Anniversary since they became a pair. They both graduated from clown college in the US and studied more clowning and mime from masters in Russia and UK for years and received grand prize, championship in the international clown contests and other many awards. They have been motivating and impacting other clowns throughout the world. At the club, I took the endmost seat in front row as I didn't want to stand out, but I laughed out loud the entire time . Seriously observing their performance, their clowning was so trained and full of good humor. Actually, there was a time I shared with Rone decades ago. She showed herself yesterday as a big person who has established her ability as a world entertainer while we hadn't seen each other in 30 years. I am glad to see her again and I truly respect her very much.