Tuesday, October 23, 2018


晴天の昨日、布団を外に干した後、家の中へ入ろうと裏口のガラスドアにふと目をやると大きなカマキリがそこに。長さ10センチほどの細長い体にこれまた細長い脚が四方に出てガラスにくっついていました。三角の頭からは触覚が2本伸びていて、前で折り重なるようにギザギザのカマ(前肢)がありました。別名「オガミムシ」とも言うそうです。カマキリは肉食で、生きた獲物をこのギザギザのカマで素早く捕まえてその場で食べてしまうというかなり凶暴な昆虫です。どこから来たのか、買い物から帰ってきた時はもう姿はありませんでした。Yesterday which was a clear fine day, after having taken out a futon for drying I was about to come inside the house, when a big praying mantis caught my attention on the glass door of the back entrance. It was about 10 cm (3.9 in.) length with four slender legs and sickles (forefeet) which were folded and zigzag-shaped on one side. Because of these crossing forefeet, it was named "praying mantis". Contrary to the name, it is a carnivore and rather ferocious insect that can catch live pray quickly with the sickles and eat it there. I didn't know where it came from but when I came back home from the grocery store, it had already gone.