Sunday, June 3, 2018


6月になったので床の間の掛け軸を新しくしました。今回は涅槃図です。涅槃図とは釈迦入滅の様子を絵に描いたものですが、実は掛ける時期が分からず、遠縁のお寺の方に聞いたら掛けたい時に掛ければいいと教えてくださったので思い切って今月の掛け軸にしました。掛け軸の木箱には「金岡の筆也」と書いてありますが表具などから見てそれほど古いものではないと思われます。沙羅双樹の下に横たわる釈迦を囲んで諸菩薩をはじめ全ての生類が嘆き悲しんでいる様子が描かれています。また右上には母の摩耶夫人(まやぶにん)が天界から降下していらっしゃるのが見えます。Since we have entered into June, I changed the hanging scroll in the alcove. This time it is a painting of Buddha nirvana. Actually I didn't know when it should be taken out to the alcove, so I asked a woman who is my distant relative in a family of Buddhist temple. She said that it is all right to hang it whenever you like, so I decided to hang it as a scroll of June. Looking inside the wooden box where the scroll was stored, I could recognize that it was drawn by Kaneoka. Judging from the mounting of the picture, it seems old but not "historically" old. Depicted on the scroll is Shakamuni entering Nirvana under a sal tree surrounded by ten great descriptors, while a group of Bosatsu (Bodhisattva), animals and insects all lament his death. On the upper right, you will see that Maya (the mother of Shakamuni Buddha) is coming down from heaven.