Friday, June 15, 2018


梅雨に入ったようで、朝から雨。裏庭にアジサイが咲いています。「ヤマアジサイ」と言う種類でしょうか。雨の中のアジサイを撮りたくてフード付きのレインジャケットを着て裏に行ってみました。やはり梅雨にアジサイはピッタリです。カタツムリがいれば完璧なので「で〜んでんむ〜しむし…♫」と歌って探してみましたが残念ながら見つかりませんでした。It seems we have entered rainy season. It was raining since morning today. Flowers of hydrangea are blooming in my back yard. It is probably a kind of "mountain hydrangea". Since I wanted to take a photo of hydrangea in the rain, I wore my rain jacket with a hood and went to the back yard. As I expected, hydrangea is a perfect match for the rain! I thought it would be perfect if I could take a picture with a snail, so I tried to find one by singing a children's song of "Denden-mushi (snail)". However I couldn't find it unfortunately.