Saturday, June 30, 2018


30℃を軽く越えるモーレツな暑さの一日でした。昨日、散歩の途中で見つけたコガネグモの巣の白いギザギザが何とも不思議で気になって仕方がなくネットで調べてみました。「隠れ帯」とか「白帯(はくたい)」または「スタビリメンタム」というそうです。機能は多くの説があるようで、クモ自身を大きく見せて鳥などに巣をこわされないようにするため(身を守る)、紫外線光を反射させて獲物を引きつけるため(獲物を掛かり易くする)など。ネットの写真では不思議な形状の「隠れ帯」がありびっくりしました。真ん中のコガネグモは獲物が網にかかるまで動かないそうです。アメリカではE.B.ホワイトの「シャーロットのおくりもの(Charlotte web)」というクモと子豚の友情を語った児童文学が有名ですが、昨日見たクモはちょっと怖そうなのは違うけど、何か話しかけているという雰囲気はシャーロットをイメージしました。It was terribly hot (around 91°F) today. Since I couldn't help but to be interested about the spider web I found yesterday, I looked it up on the web. It is called "stabilimentum” and there are various theories about the function of it. One of the theories is that the stabilimentum serves as protection from enemies such as birds by making the spider appear larger. Another possible theory is that the web reflects ultraviolet rays which attracts the insects that the spider preys on. In the internet photos t here are many interesting patterns of stabilimentum and all are amazing. From the net info, the spider stays in the center and doesn't move until his game is caught in his web. In the US "Charlotte's web" by E.B. White is very famous among children's literature. The spider which I saw was bit different from Charlotte because that spider looked scary but it seemed as if he was talking to me, so I recalled Charlotte from the book.