Thursday, June 28, 2018


朝から蒸し暑くゴミ出しの後、大田川に添って歩くも空気は飽和状態。帰ってから湿度を見たら83%でした。田んぼの稲は順調に伸びて緑が広がり、向こうの杉坂山は湿った空気で霞んでいました。保育園そばの川の金網に大きなクモが巣を張って真ん中で「どうだ」と挑戦するようにこちらを見ていました。真っ直ぐ伸ばした足の四方向に白い糸がギザギザと絡んでいるのが不思議でしばらく眺めていました。ネット情報ではこれはコガネグモらしいです。攻撃性が強く毒をもっているとありました。そばに保育園があるのでちょっと心配です。それにしてもあまりに立派なクモの巣だったのでシャッターを押しましたが、残念ながら私の技量不足で殆ど写っていませんでした。It has been so humid since the morning. After I took out the garbage to the garbage station in my community, I walked along Ohta river but the air was in the state of saturation. When I checked the humidity at home, it was 83%. The rice plants are growing well and Sugisaka-mountain looked hazy in the distance. I found a big spider which had spun an orb web on the metal fence near the river by a nursery school. The spider was in the center and it seemed like he was looking at me and challenging me saying "how about me? Isn't that amazing!?". A little ahead of his four legs there was a white zigzag pattern and they made me very interested so I was looking at it for a while. According to internet information, the name of the spider is Argiope spider which is aggressive and poisonous. I am afraid that it could hurt children of the nursery school. Anyhow the web and the spider were so impressive to me, I tried to take a photo, but failed because my photo skills were not to the level necessary to capture a picture of it.