Thursday, June 7, 2018


昨日一日降り続いた雨も止んで今朝は朝陽が差していました。久しぶりの朝の散歩です。神社は木々も石も露に濡れてしっとりと美しく、太閤橋の前は菖蒲でしょうか、鉢植えに紫の花が清々しく咲いていました。新しく幾何学模様に舗装された絵馬通りですが、裏の大田川沿いの道は落ち着いた風情を保っていて見る度にほっとします。参拝を終えていつものように横から森に入ると鳥達の賑やかなさえずりが聞こえてきました。石橋の下はいかにも森らしい暗い静かな流れの音。贅沢な自然の音に包まれると何故か深く自己を感じます。散歩の途中にどんどん雲が出てきて。見ると清涼山の上に青空はありませんでした。しかし、家に戻ってきた時はまた陽が差して、H.Nさんが持ってきてくださった紫陽花と半夏生(はんげしょう)の鉢植えが輝くように美しくカフェの玄関を飾ってくれていました。It was raining all day long yesterday, but it turned to a fine day with sunlight this morning. After a long interval I took a morning walk today. In the Taga Taisha (shrine) trees and stones were beautifully wet and there were many iris pots in front of the arched bridge with some fresh purple flowers. Although the main street (Ema-doori) was paved recently with a geometric pattern, the back street along the Ohta-river is kept as before and I feel relieved whenever I look at the view. I prayed at the shrine and went into the woods as usual. Then I could hear various kinds of bird singing and under the stone bridge in the woods, I also could hear the murmur of a brook. Surrounding these rich sounds of nature, I felt deeply my own presence. During the walk, many clouds appeared and there was no blue sky over the Seiryoo mountain but when I came back to my home the sun came up again. The pots of Ajisai (hydrangea) and Hangesho (lizard's tail) from Ms. H.N were shining beautifully in front of the entrance of my cafe.