Monday, March 12, 2018


数年前までアメリカで日本語を教えていた時の学生が昨日遊びに来て一泊したので、今朝の散歩は彼女と一緒でした。風は冷たいながらも前回より明るい陽射しが感じられました。そんな中で見つけた白梅の古木。きれいに咲き始めていました。少し過ぎたところの桜の枝はまだ硬そうなつぼみでした。Until a couple of years ago, I was teaching Japanese Language at a college in the US. A student from there came to visit me yesterday and stayed over night so I took today's morning walk with her. It was a bit cold but a fine day compared to the previous day. I found an old white plum tree which started blooming beautifully. On the contrary, the cherry trees which are just a few minutes walk from there are still budding.