Monday, March 26, 2018


3月19日からカフェをS.Kさんにお願いしてボストンに来ています。お天気は良いのですが、お花見季節の日本に比べてまだまだ寒〜いのは北海道と緯度が同じだからでしょうか。それでも残っていた雪はこのお天気で一気に少なくなりました。お昼前に近所を歩いてみると、ニューイングランドの遅い春がそこかしこに見られました。歩道は樹木の根上がりであちこちデコボコ状態。足下だけはしっかり見て歩かなければなりません。これって何か格言のようですね。Asking Ms. S.K to take care of the cafe, I have been in Boston since March 19th. It is clear but still very cold here compared to Japan which is the season of cherry-blossom viewing. It is probably because of the fact that Boston is almost the same latitude as Hokkaido. Even though it is chilly, the amount of the snow which had accumulated recently has melted so much due to today's sunny weather. When I walked around near my house before lunch time, I found late New England spring here and there. I needed to watch my step when I walked on a sidewalk because the roots of the trees are rising up in many places and they made the walkway rough. "Watch my step" seems like a lesson given to me.