Thursday, March 8, 2018

しばらく振りに散歩に出てみました。春の芽吹きを見逃したかといささか焦って家を出たのですが、多賀の里の春はまだちょっと早いかなという感じでした。それでも、田んぼの間を歩いていると2月とは違う柔らかな「臭い」が春を感じさせてくれました。田んぼは殆どが冬のまんまでしたが、ちらほら土を掘り返しているところがあり、ふと道ばたに目をやると土筆(つくし)が優しげに顔を出していました。「春探し」に出た甲斐がありました。I took a walk for the first time in a while. I was in a hurry because I thought it might be a little late to catch the first signs of spring, but actually the spring in Taga is still a bit early. However I could smell the fresh March air which is different from the previous month. Most of the rice fields haven't changed yet, but the soil of some of the fields were dug up for a rice planting. When I looked toward the roadside, I found some horsetails were coming up gently from the earth. It was worth coming for "the search for spring".