Saturday, December 30, 2017


今朝は町内の皆さんが出て、恒例の表通りのしめ縄飾りをしました。通りの両側に縄が張られ、そこに御幣(ごへい)と呼ばれる神事の白い紙と藁(わら)を等間隔に交互に挟んでいきます。家の両側には葉のついた青竹も立てられました。門前町の商店街が用意した「笑門 戌」と書かれた絵馬も玄関上に飾りました。それから今日、名古屋からお見えになった二度目のお客様に可愛い干支の置物もいただいたのでカウンターに飾りました。一気にお正月が近づいた感じです。It is an annual social custom day to put a sacred Shinto rope along the front street for the new year by all the neighbouring people. When I was out in the street this morning, there was already a rope of straw along the street and five sheets of white paper distributed called Gohei which is used in Shinto ceremony. I pushed and inserted the Gohei and straw alternately in equal distances. We set up a fresh bamboo tree at the side of each house. I also put a small wooden plaque on the upper part of the entrance on which Kanji character, Shoomon (lit. good fortune and happiness will come) and next zodiac, dog were written. A little cute dog ornament was placed on the counter inside my cafe which a customer from Nagoya gave to me today. From those decorations,I feel that the new year is almost here.