Tuesday, December 12, 2017


冷え込みが一段と低い一日の始まりで、日中も風の冷たさがカフェの中からも分かるほどでした。S.Kさんからいただいた時はつぼみだった侘助(わびすけ)が花を咲かせました。侘助とは椿の名前で茶人笠原侘助が好んだからそのように言うそうです。深い緑の葉を背景に咲いた一重の白い椿の花は凛とした美しさを放っています。The day started with very chilly temperature and in the daytime even from inside the house I could easily guess how cold the wind was. A camellia from Ms. S.K has opened which was just a bud when it first came. The camellia is called "Wabisuke". It is the name of a master of tea ceremony, Wabisuke Kasahara, and he loved to put it in a pot when he did the tea ceremony. The single-petaled white flower against the green camellia leaves is blooming gracefully.