Monday, December 18, 2017

寒い朝でした。神社は寒さよけなのか御簾が下りていましたが、これぐらいでは吹きさらしの拝殿は防寒にはならないだろうと思い、平安時代の貴族の暮しに思いを馳せました。森を抜けての山々の景色は素晴らしいものでした。遠く霊山(りょうぜん)は真っ白に輝き、近くの杉坂山、桃原(もばら)あたりも薄ら雪化粧でした。山があまりに美しいので、今日はいつもとは違う方向に歩いて写真を何枚も撮りました。It was a chilly morning. Probably to protect against the cold, the bamboo blind was down at the area of worship and the cloister. However, the area is too open to protect from the cold. I sympathized with the people who lived in the Heian period in such severe conditions. Passing through the wood of shrine, I was amazed by the mountain scenery. Ryoozen mountain which I could see in the distance was shining white. Sugisaka and Mobara area were also thinly covered with snow. Since those mountains were so beautiful, today I walked a different way than usual and took many photos of those mountains.