Monday, December 4, 2017


師走に突入して早4日目。日の出時刻が彦根で6時48分で日の入りは16時43分。朝の散歩も7時をかなり過ぎていました。上天気ですが冷え込んでいたので、マフラー、帽子、手袋、それにサングラス。神社へのお参りにはお賽銭とハンカチが必要。そしてカメラをポケットに。多賀大社の屋根には霜が降りていました。一昨日は遠くの霊山のてっぺんが白く、手前の山々の紅葉と併せてそれはきれいでしたが、今朝はもう雪は見られませんでした。それでも静かな朝の山々は美しかったです。うちの近くまで戻ってくると朝日を受けて見事な赤い葉っぱが太田川の上で光っていました。多賀大社では殆ど散っていたのに日向神社に入ると大きな紅葉の木が何ともやさしく枝を広げていました。秋がまだそこに残っていました。It is already the fourth day in December. Today's sunrise time in Hikone was 6:48 and sunset time was 16:43. I went for a morning walk around 7:30. It was a clear but cold morning, so I needed scarf, knitted hat, gloves and sunglasses. I also brought an offering of money for Taga-taisha, handkerchief and camera in the pocket. There was frost on the roof of the shrine. The day before yesterday, I saw the snow on the top of Ryoozen mountain. Although the snow disappeared today, the mountains were quiet and beautiful this morning, too. I was amazed by the tree beside the small river near my house. It was a completely deep orange color and shining by the sun. In the small shrine named Hyuuga-jinjya, I saw a big Japanese maple tree with leaves which were elegantly colored. I found the remaining signs of fall there.