Saturday, December 9, 2017


北風の舞う冷え込みの厳しい毎日です。お客様がカフェにいらして最初のおもてなしはほっとできる温かさでしょう。でもエアコンを3台つけても温度は今イチ上がらず。この冬は石油ストーブも仲間入りです。「カイヅカイブキ」の枝をいただいたので、ずいぶん前にSKさんに床の間に生けていただき、いらなくなった枝がもったいないので庭の南天と合わせてクリスマス飾りを作ってみました。日本も西洋も緑の葉と赤い実の組み合わせは神聖で祝福の象徴ですね。These days have been cold with a chilly north wind. It must be a welcoming service on such a cold day to provide comfortable warmth in the cafe. Even upon turning on three heaters, the room temperature did not rise much, so I bought an oil heater this winter. Since a customer gave me three branches of Juniperus chinensis "Kaizuka", I asked Ms. S.K to arrange them at the alcove. Using some unnecessary branches I made two Christmas ornaments with some Nandina domestica. The combination of green leaves and red fruit is a symbol of holiness and blessing in both Japan and western countries.