Friday, November 3, 2017


雨が多く台風のおまけまでついた10月が終ってまずは穏やかなお天気の11月の滑り出しです。床の間のしつらえを少し新しくして気分を変えてみました。11月は「霜月」。「霜が降りる月」とのことです。暖房を少しつけてはまた消してという日々になりました。季語を抜き出してみると「時雨(しぐれ)」「山茶花(さざんか)」など風情のあるものから「七五三」「大根」など微笑ましいものまでたくさんあります。多賀大社は七五三参りで晴れ着を着た子供たちとその家族で賑わっています。After October which had many rainy days and a typhoon, November has started with gorgeous clear days. I changed the arrangement of the alcove a little. In Japanese, November is called "Shimotsuki" in a classic way. It means "a month which has frost". A heater is sometime needed but not always these days. I picked a couple of seasonal words for Haiku poems. "Shigure (drizzling rain in late autumn)","Sazanka (camellia)" which sounds elegant. Some words are cute such as "Shich-go- san (celebration of child's third, fifth and seventh years)' and "Daikon (radish). We could see many dressed up kids and their families at Taga-shrine because of Shichi-go-san. We enjoy the festive mood.