Tuesday, November 14, 2017


しばらく良いお天気が続いて七五三参りの家族の微笑ましい光景が多賀大社やカフェ「多賀あさひや」でも見られましたが、今日は朝から雨で通りを歩く人の姿もありません。暖房なしではいられない11月半ばのこのごろです。先日、毎週1、2度お手伝いいただいているS.K さんがドウダンツツジの枝を持ってきて下さいました。山に入って靴をどろんこにさせながら枝を切って下さったのでしょう。有り難いです。ツツジの名前がついているので、春に咲かせるのはピンクのよくある花を想像して調べてみたら、白い小さな提灯のような花でした。秋は紅葉した枝が華やかです。緑の中に白く咲いているのは椿の花。床の間が秋の彩りで賑やかです。It had been fine weather for a couple of days until yesterday, when we saw many pleasant scenes of families with Shichi-Go-San at Taga-taisha and in my cafe. It is a rainy day today and there are hardly any visitors in the front road. I definitely need a heater these days in the middle of November. The other day, Ms. S.K who helps me one or two times a week brought branches Doodan-tsutsuji (Enklanthus campanulatus) for me. She must have had a hard time cutting the branches in the mountainside getting mud on her shoes. I thank her for her effort. Since it has "tsutsuji" on its name, I thought that it is similar to the flower tsutsuji (azalea) which we see in the spring, but it is a small white one like a lily and is different from what I had imagined. The branches turn to red in the fall and they are so beautiful. The white flower in the green is camellia. The alcove looks gorgeous with these fall colors.