Friday, November 17, 2017


昨日、多賀植物観察の会で犬上川の上流で犬上ダムの近くの萱原(かやはら/かいはら)に行ってきました。萱原は山あいの奥まった地域ですが100戸近く家が並ぶ静かな集落で、植物観察会では中川信子さん、森小夜子さん、種村和子さんの三女史の親切丁寧な説明を受けながら20名ほどが山道に生える植物を勉強しました。次々に植物を勉強しましたが、写真が撮れて名前の分かるものを少しだけここに載せます。赤い実をつけたコマユミ(小真弓)は葉っぱがピンクに染まって優しい感じ。ノブドウ(野葡萄)は薄紫、濃い紫、青、エンジと微妙に違う紫系の実が美しかったです。フユイチゴ(冬苺)は甘酸っぱく優しい味を楽しみました。誰かが「へえ、こんなところに?」と言って皆が一斉に見たのはサラシナショウマの白い花でした。調べると生薬になり解熱、解毒、抗炎症作用があるとのこと。紅葉の中での楽しい時間でした。Yesterday, I participated in an observation meeting of plants in Taga and went to Kayahara (or Kaihara) where which is up-stream of Inukami River and near Inukami-dam. Kayahara is a beautiful mountain village where nearly 100 houses are gathered. In the meeting, Ms. Nakagawa, Ms. Mori and Ms. Tanemura lead and showed plants beside the pathway to the group of about 20 participants. The following are just a couple of plants among many. Komayumi (spindle tree) has pinkish leaves and a gentle image. Nobudoo (wild grape) has beautiful berries which are of delicate purple colors. We enjoyed tasting Fuyu-ichigo (Rubus buergerl) which were sour-sweet. Someone pointed out the white flower with surprise. It was Sarashina-shooma (Cimicifuga) which had white flowers. It is used as a herb medicine for fever treatment, detoxification, or anti-inflammatory effect. We enjoyed the observation time by the fall-colored mountainside.