Thursday, November 23, 2017


普段は静かに眠っていますが、時々張り切って動き回るものがうちに います。お掃除ロボット、ルンバ君です。実は掃除機をかけるのが好きではない私の悩みを察してか、高校時代の友人たちが贈ってくれた便利な機械です。今日は二階の寝室を彼に任して外から帰ってきたら、いつもは出発点に戻っているはずのルンバ君がいません。「ルンちゃん!どこにいるの?ルンちゃん!」とベッドの下を覗き込みましたが彼の姿がありません。おかしい。部屋は閉め切ってあるのでいないはずはありません。今度は懐中電燈でもう一度ベッドの下をよく照らしたら、一番奥の隅にルンちゃんは止まっていました。暗いところでおうちに帰れずに引っかかっていたルンバ君が可哀想でした。I have a "pet" at home which is usually quietly sleeping but sometimes moves around actively. It is a vacuum cleaning robot, Roomba. I have to confess that I don't like to vacuum very much. My high school friends sympathized with me, and they gave me this convenient machine for celebrating the opening of my café. Today I set the Roomba in my bedroom upstairs. After a while when I came back from outside and took a look there, he was not back in the starting location. "Hello Room! Where are you? Hello!" I called to him and looked under the bed but he was not there. He should have been there because there was no way he could escape the room. I searched under the bed with a flashlight again, and then I found my Roomba stuck in the rear corner. I felt sorry for him as he had to stay in such a dark place and could not get back to his home. My poor dear Roomba.