Tuesday, October 17, 2017


T.Kさんが持ってきてくださって2ヶ月にもなるのにまだ毎日きれいな紫の花を咲かせている野牡丹(ノボタン)。毎朝鉢の周りに落ちた花びらを拾いつつ、また別の花が咲いているのが嬉しいです。3日前にS.Kさんが秋の草木をたくさん持ってきて下さいました。まず、「大文字草(ダイモンジソウ)」。白い花の形がまさに「大」の字と同じです。次は「錦木(ニシキギ)」。秋の山間(やまあい)で葉っぱが真っ赤になるそうです。茎が平たく乾いていて別名「カミソリの木」と言われる所以が分かります。その次は「ウメモドキ」活き活きした緑の葉に赤い実がたくさんついていましたが、花瓶に入れたら翌日上手に水が上がらなくなっていて残念。ウメモドキに「ゴメンナサイ」と謝っています。最後は「フジバカマ」。これは秋の七草の一つで紫の優しい野草です。雨まじりのお天気で急に寒くなったこの頃。通りも家の中もしんとしている時、秋の草木たちは結構賑やかにおしゃべりしているのかも知れませんね。Purple flowers of Nobotan (Glory bush) are still blooming every day since Mr. T.K brought them for the cafe about two months ago. Each flower opens only for one day and every morning. I pick the petals which had fallen around the flower pot, but I still enjoy finding other new flowers appear. Ms. S.K brought autumn branches and plants to me three days ago. First of all, it is called "Daimonji-soo (Rock foil)" and the shape of the little white flower looks very much like the kanji character "大 (dai)". Next is "Nishikigi (Euonymus alatus)". According to Ms. S.K, the leaves turn to red in the mountain and it is so beautiful in autumn. It is also called "razor tree" because the branch is dry and flat. Next one with red berries is "Umemodoki (Japanese winterberry)". It came with beautiful fresh green leaves but they were not able to draw up water from the next day which made me feel very bad. The last one is "Fuji-bakama (Thoroughwort)". It is one of the seven autumn herbs. It has been rainy and cold these days. While it is very quiet both on the street and inside the house, these autumn plants might be talking to each other actively.