Sunday, October 22, 2017


土曜日の午後、雨の中を京都からのお客様があり、お帰りになる際に「多賀あさひや」と書いた小さな徳利を手渡してくださいました。骨董好きで 買い求めてお宅に置いていらしたものらしいです。それは間違いなく昔我が家で売っていた徳利でした。中には延命酒が入っていました。徳利は沢山残っていますが小さいもので我が家の屋号が入ったものは初めて見ました。「御しめ縄 かけて祈らむ いと長き よはひを守る 多賀の社に」 何代か前に家を出ていったものが再び戻ってきました。不思議な巡り合わせです。On rainy last Saturday afternoon, there was a guest who came to my cafe from Kyoto, and he handed in an old little sake bottle written Taga Asahiya. He had bought and kept it in his home because he likes antique collection. It is certainly the one which was sold at the original Taga Asahiya run by my great grandmother or grandmother from 80 to 100 years ago. It was a container of Sake called "long life sake". Many little sake bottles are still in my house but it was the first time for me to look at one with the shop's name. On the bottle there are the words "Hanging the sacred rope, let's pray at the Taga Shrine which gives us long life." It left my shop with someone a couple of generations ago and came back to the original place now. It is a really fortunate chance.