Monday, October 2, 2017


先日シカゴの空港で「農家の冷蔵庫(Famer's Fridge)」という自動販売機を見つけました。色々新鮮な野菜がチキンや海老などと組み合わせてぎっしり瓶に詰まっていて、好きなのを選んでクレジットカードで買うのです。特徴は全てオーガニック(無農薬)でカロリー表示はもちろん内容が詳しく紹介されていることです。生の野菜がきれいに層になって瓶に入っているのにびっくり。しばらく見ていると、飛行機の乗務員が次々にやってきて慣れた手つきで買っていきました。サラダは大体10ドル前後(1000円ぐらい)。私はパイナップルとチアシードをココナツミルクで和えたスナック($3.60)を試しに買ってみました。アメリカならではの体験で面白かったです。The other day, I found a vending machine named "Farmer's Fridge" at Chicago O'Hare Airport. You will see clear bottles with various fresh vegetables that are piled up in layers with chicken, shrimp or others. You will choose your favorite and buy with a credit card. The vegetables are all organic and you will see the calories and other detailed information of each bottle. It surprised me because the fresh vegetables are very artistically layered and stuffed in the bottle. While I was curiously looking and standing by the machine, crew members came and made their selections quickly and easily as if they were very familiar with the machine. The price of the salad was around $10. I tried a snack of "Pineapple coconut Chia" ($3.60). It was fun to try this American vending machine.