Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8月8日(火曜日) 2017

一昨日の猛暑日が一変して昨日は朝から雨で午後からは次第に風も出て雨は一層激しく吹きつけ、まさに「台風」の直撃でした。しかし…実はそれより早く別の「台風」が我が家にきていました。日曜日に昔の仲間が北は北海道、南は九州宮崎から私を入れて15人+1(配偶者)が「多賀あさひや」に集まったのです。直前まで県立大学で仕事をして買い出しの時間が私にまったくなかった為、皆が分担して飲み物、おつまみ類を宅配便や持ち込みで運んでくれました。各地のお土産もどっさり。私はお弁当と貸し布団の手配をしただけ。あっ、地元のスイカを買って裏の井戸に入れて冷やしておいたのも私。(この件は後にちょっとした事件に発展。)とにかくワイワイがやがや、それはそれは賑やかな夜になりました。It was extremely hot and clear last Sunday but on Monday it changed to a rainy and windy day. It was a typhoon which attacked our district. However, ahead of it, a "typhoon" in a different sense came to my place. It was a reunion party. Members came from as far as Hokkaido in the north to Miyazaki in Kyuushuu in the south. Since I had a summer job at the USP (University of Shiga Prefecture) until last Friday, I had no time to shop for the party. Instead, other members prepared drinks and snacks which they had sent by delivery service to me or carried them by themselves. They also brought tons of local sweets and food for the party. I only placed orders for box dinners and rental futons for their sleep over at my house. I bought a local watermelon and put it in the well in the back yard to make it nice and cold. (Actually something unexpected happened related to that later on.) Anyhow, we had extremely joyful, noisy Sunday night.