Thursday, August 17, 2017


県立大学の仕事が終ってカフェの定休日に休めるのは精神面、肉体面でやはり楽です。散歩の途中、前回気づかなかった道ばたの大ひまわりの元気な顔が朝の挨拶をしてくれました。途中から山間(あい)に太陽が上り田んぼや家々を照らし始めました。ふと見ると私の背中にお陽様が当たってながーい影ができていました。ワアーまるで竹馬に乗っているみたい…と一人で面白がりました。After teaching Japanese at the Univ. of Shiga Prefecture, I am able to completely take the day off on the regular no business days. I feel so easy on this day mentally and physically. On my morning walk I saw a huge sunflower on the roadside which I didn't notice last time. It was like a pleasant face and cheered me up. The morning sun came up from the mountain and started shining on rice fields, houses and everywhiere. I saw my long shadow which the morning sun made. I was excited to see it because it looked like I was walking on stilts.