Saturday, August 19, 2017

8月19日 (土曜日)2017

少し前にN.Nさんとご主人が山歩きの帰りにカフェに寄って「はい」と渡して下さったのがこの緑の葉。フサザクラ(房桜)というそうです。なるほど葉っぱが桜の葉と同じ。でもこれは桜の仲間ではないそうで、フサザクラ科。原始的な植物の一つとネット情報にありました。湿り気のある沢沿いに生えているとのこと。一方、一緒に花瓶に入っているのはT.Kさんからいただいたトルコキキョウ。薄いピンクや紫が淵にある爽やかな花です。蒸し暑い8月に山奥からやって来た房桜の葉と淡いトルコキキョウが清涼剤となってカフェのお客様をお迎えしました。A couple of days ago, Ms. N.N and her husband stopped by my cafe after their mountain hiking and handed in this branch of green leaves. They said it was named "Fusa-zakura (No English name)". Indeed it is the same shape to the regular sakura tree. It does not belong to the sakura family, though. According to internet information, it belongs to the Fusa-zakura family and is a very primitive plant. It grows in a wet area along the stream. On the other hand, the white flowers in the same vase are Toruko-kikyoo (Lisianthus) from Mr. T.K. They are soft and delicate flowers with light pink or purple colors on the edges. On humid and hot August days, we welcome our costomers with these leaves of Fusa-zakura which come from the deep mountainside and with the soft, delicate flowers of Lisianthus. Wishing these plants make them a bit more cool.