Thursday, June 6, 2024





Noh Event at Taga Asahiya was over on June 2nd. Although we had a little rain in the morning and it stopped after a while, we were still worried about the weather because the weather forecast predicted the rain again. In the end, it cleared up in the afternoon. We thanked God very much.

Having more than 80 participants, the Noh Event was separated into two parts. The first one was an explanation about performing art "Noh" and the workshop. The theme in this event was The Heike Story. Two Noh actors showed the masks of main characters and costumes, providing very easy explanations. The highlight in the first part was the Noh chant. Noh actor led the chant followed by the audience. Hisa Uzawa's chant was powerful and beautiful. People were following seriously and it must have been very fun. Instrument players also gave us very nice talks about each instrument's characteristics and technique. We felt more familiar with Noh.

In the second part, we appreciated two Noh performances which were Yashima (winning general of a war) and Atsumori (losing general of a war). The actor played without a mask and costume. This style of performance is called Maibayashi. The trained movements of the Noh actor were so beautiful and powerful. We were overwhelmed by their performance.

I, as an organizer, am very happy to have had this Noh event, which was so well-attended, with those amazing actors and players. I also thank many staff who helped a lot for the event. Thank you to all of these wonderful people!