Saturday, June 29, 2024




    I bought 1kg of Rakkyo (Chinese onions) for 600 Yen at the local morning market. Chinese onions are good for health such as improvement of blood circulation, fatigue recovery, bactericidal effect, prevention of high blood pressure and swelling, constipation prevention, immune system boost and is also referred as "medicine from the fields". I personally often eat them when I make curry at home as a side dish, so I make pickled Chinese onions with sweet vinegar every two years and eat them as regular food.

    Well, It took time to clean each Rakkyo which came with soil, but I could finish pickling them at night. I will put the container in a dark and cool place for a couple weeks, then move them to the refrigerator to preserve until they are ready to eat.

    When I was a child, my grandmother made pickled Rakkyo and ginger for the family. Now I am making them in the same way in my hometown. These are a part of traditional Japanese food culture. I am following only a few of them but I am a little bit proud of myself.