Thursday, June 27, 2024




    My right side bruise has been recovering day by day, but I am still not in perfect condition because of the problem with my left joint, and fatigue after a long one day trip to Yamanashi. Looking at the weekly weather forecast, I decided to visit a grave today which I haven't done since last fall.

    The location of the grave is on the hill of the back mountain. Most of the people use their car to go to the grave without any problem but I needed to go up the slope by bicycle and it is still hard even if I change the gear to low level. At the grave, I was lucky because the weeds were not as heavy as I expected. It was because we had a lot of rain in the past several days and it made the grass rot. Even though it took two hours to clean the area. I was relieved when I prayed for ancestors by offering flowers, lights and incense. Seiryu Mountain was behind me.

    While I was cleaning my family grave, I was surprised by my sweat but now I am feeling well because I could finish my work which had been on my mind since last year.