Sunday, June 16, 2024


Since I was assigned to the board of trustees of Taga Elementary School from this year for three years, I went to the school to meet members and to watch the school recital today.

The school recital was for all grades and they presented chorus and instrumental music performance. The first graders were still little and looked stiff while they were performing. The more it progressed to the upper grades, the more relaxed they looked and were taking the rhythm, which showed in their faces or bodies. However, there were a few kids who were still wearing face masks.

I remembered my school days when we presented a music performance in class. My homeroom teacher was good at music and we performed J.F. Wagner's "Under The Double Eagle" which was a little bit challenging for us. I enjoyed the recital in which children played new instruments as well as traditional instruments which have been used at the school for decades. Sometimes they sang or played with hand movements or moved like a marching band, and it seemed the teachers put so much effort in teaching this. The children were smiling when they had some movements.

One thing I would like to comment on their performance is about the expression. The children were all very active but I felt that their sound lacked musicality. They can be taught the dynamics of the music from the first grade. Then kids learn what "Expression" is. Each one has their own way of expressing their thoughts or feelings and "Word" is not the only way to express them. They can learn about it through their music.

After the recital, Ms. Takahashi, who is the headmaster, provided us with the school lunch which used many local vegetables. It was so good! We all thanked the school.