Tuesday, June 25, 2024






I went to Tokyo to watch a musical in which my old friend was performing as a member of the musical theatre group. I was in Tokyo ahead of the performance day and went to Meguro Museum where another friend's husband's art works were exhibited.

The museum was in a small but quiet wood in Tokyo and I enjoyed paintings of the residents of Meguro Ward including my friend's works. On the way to the station, I passed the poster bulletin board for the election of Governor of Tokyo Metropolis which is controversial because there are 56 candidates which is an unprecedented number.

Next day, I went to the theatre in the pouring rain. The title of the musical was "Let's shelter from the rain under the slide in the park" and it seemed to match the weather anyhow. The theatre group was established by my friend and her husband several years ago. My friend, Momo, was playing, dancing and singing with other younger members. She was really amazing.

After the show, five of us who came to support Momo, went to a nearby cafe together. Even though we are living in different situations, we were sharing the same days in the past at the theatrical company.

We enjoyed our conversation and it was a happy time for all of us.

I took a bullet train from Tokyo to Maibara on my way home. Few days ago, when I went to Yamanashi, I was captivated by Mt. Fuji. This time, I was fascinated by the full moon from the window of the train. It was so beautiful!