Friday, June 14, 2024




Last Sunday was an annual river cleaning day in town which was postponed a week due to rain. We clean weeds and algae in Kurumado-river from the starting point of the shrine down to the river passing under an arched bridge. A man from the neighbourhood put up a ladder in the river to the river edge, I started down the ladder followed by another man. Then suddenly the bottom of the ladder moved unsteadily and I lost the balance. Since the top of the ladder was being held by another man, I didn't fall down the river but I hit my right side strongly. It hurt very much, but I went down the river and continued the work anyhow. It was a scary and dangerous moment.

Two days later, the pain didn't go away and I was worried about it. So I went to the hospital in Hikone to see the doctor. Fortunately I didn't break my bones from the result of the X-ray photo and I got a chest sling and compress tapes by doctor's suggestion. He said that it might be several weeks until the pain goes away. My breathing is a little bit shallow now and it is hard to pick something from the floor, to roll over in the bed, and to laugh. I can easily imagine how painful it is for the people who really broke their bones.