Thursday, May 30, 2024

5月30日(木曜日)2024 6月2日(日)のお能の会が近づきました。

【二部】 鑑賞
__ 舞・型・囃子・謡 __


Noh event is coming soon. It is a very interesting program even if you are not familiar with noh.

【Part 1】
* About Japanese performing art "Noh".

* What is Shura Noh?
    -About Kachi-Shura (winning general of a war) and Make-Shura (losing general of a war).
    -More about Noh through two programs, Yashima and Atsumori which are based on The Heike Story             and Genpei Seisuiki.
    - Compare these two programs and know the theatrical and the dramatical difference.
    - Read each part of the text and sing them together.
    - Explanation and introduction of each musical instrument.

【Part 2】
* Appreciation of the two Noh, Yashima and Atsumori.

-- Noh dance, body form, musical instruments, and chant ------

We have a few more seats left. Call 0749-48-0186.