Sunday, May 12, 2024


    During the long holidays from the end of April to May, we had many tourists walking on the street toward Taga Taisha, but after the holidays the street got quiet again. It's rather cold these days as if we are still in winter.

    At the local morning market, I see many fresh seasonal vegetables and flowers. Among them, I bought a bunch of Warabi (bracken). Takenoko (bamboo shoot), Fuki (butterbur) and Warabi are all spring vegetables which one needs to remove the foam of before cooking individually. This time, a pack of ash was attached to the Warabi for that, so I followed the suggestion of the woman at the register on how to remove foam.

    First, I put them in the pan. Next, pour the ash on them. Third, pour very hot water there and leave for several hours. Fourth, wash them thoroughly with water. Then, I cooked with egg.

    When I was a child, I ate them without thinking about anything, but I enjoyed the texture of these wild vegetables this time.